Edgar Mitchell’s Integrity VS Big Media Spin Machine

 In February, on The Heavy Stuff’s  (THS) `other’ blog – Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) – we ran this post http://ufodisclosurecountdownclock.blogspot.com/2008/02/unofficial-un-intentional-disclosure.html about how Edgar Mitchell was now `talking outloud’ about the alien presence. It turned out that a friend of THS had seen Mitchell at a movie screening and that he talked with the public then, months ago , — as he has recently to the media in an interview that you can easily hear online. You have probably heard a snippet or two in the last week on CNN or even FOX news too. Yes, you have now had a description of aliens by an astronaut on TV.

Anyways; in FEB. we laid it out in UDCC -  the main questions would be: how would NASA react and how would the media react. NASA has coldly, and reluctantly,  replied that it is not in the `cover-up’ business. That is about as close as we will get to the `official’ government position THS surmises. Pathetic? Yes. Expected? Yes.

But, we don’t have to worry – we have that free press that is so touted to us (by our government spokespeople) as being FREE to print and to say what they please. Yeah, right.

While NASA chops, scoops and cooks bits of Mars soil – looking for that confirmation that we on Earth are NOT the only `life’ in the universe; that has ever existed (could this get more humorous for the 21st century) —— we have ONE OF THEIR OWN – spilling the beans Intentionally, Un-officially. Don’t you think NASA owes more than a one paragraph response? THS does. Evidently NOT the media.

Because, now, the media has to spin this one way or the other.

Since THS reads on the internet that Mitchell had ties with the first X-Files movie — perhaps he has interests in that area now? Wouldn’t THAT be a good way for a spinning media to paint this? Financial gain, of course. Paint it with a broad media brush based on nothing real about this time around – just infer the previous connection. Innuendo works great when it’s money that is used as the motive.

Perhaps it was Mitchell’s desire to bring enlightenment to the public? I can hear the media’s laughter from here in Georgia. (Then again, CNN is less than 30 miles.) ONLY kooks try to bring enlightenment to the masses. It is never portrayed differently. Think of Perot.

So, what would a REAL MEDIA do – one that was free of `monitoring’ by the government on certain issues. Well, a Real Media, would be sitting outside of other astronaut homes; getting comment. Perhaps a Real Media would even ask those that were with him on the Moon if he is a man of integrity — or, would he make all of this up – for a few dollars?

Perhaps, a Real Media would question the government motives for keeping this a small story. Perhaps a Real Media would talk about the implications if the story is true.

Perhaps…………. if we had a real media ——————— instead of a spin machine.

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One Response to “Edgar Mitchell’s Integrity VS Big Media Spin Machine”

  1. Roel Poelwijk says:

    I agree with you that the media isn’t covering this information more thoroughly. Smaller and less noticable networks, websites, blogs are covering this as much as they can. For me it’s harder to retrieve information about this since I’m Dutch and the Netherlands are not covering this story in the slightest as far as I know. Which raises questions too for me.
    A Real Media would be on this as flies on **** and digging this up till the truth comes to light. Looking at the past and how things went in previous cases I have no doubt that we can not trust the media. The current media formats all rely on money and ratings,money can be controlled and ratings are our own fault. We keep watching the same nonsense, so they keep covering the same. Once we all stop asking for the things we don’t really need they’ll start searching to what we do need. To me this seems like an impossible goal because the “main stream” of this race are not aware or just do not care enough that television doesn’t cover the truth.
    They cover for increasing rates and money.
    For me, many question were answered when I read the Majestic 12 files.
    I can only hope more and more people will start doing their own research instead of waiting for the media, real media or not.

    The love that you withold is the pain that you carry.