Best Fortean Tale Of The 2000′s? The Unknown String Phenomena!

Hello Fans of The Heavy Stuff – I do want you to know that I’m working on a piece to publish here soon. That said, I didn’t want to hold back on something that I found at Reddit.Com the other day. Something so Fortean (and of course potentially a fabrication) as to be beyond belief – which of course – is the very definition of Fortean.

As you will read, the impossible story involves an `endless string’ from the great unknown. This is the direct link where you can read the comments too – some with suggestions as to what occurred too –

And, this was the Fortean Story:

 9 years ago, when I was in high school, the strangest thing happened. To this day I’m unsure of how it all came to be.

The story begins at my Texas high school. My mother had agreed to drop my best friend off at her house after school was over. We piled into the car. My mother drove, I sat in the passengers seat, and my friend sat behind me in the back. The trip from the building to her home was 4.8 miles and took around 15 minutes in mid-day traffic.

We started by turning onto the main road. Around 1 minute into our drive we noticed the end of a red string waving about an inch away of the middle of the windshield. It came from directly in front of us but we couldn’t tell from where. There was a school bus ahead of our car, so we assumed a child had dropped the string out. I rolled down my window, reached out and grabbed it. I noticed a very obvious tug back, so I started pulling. We followed the bus for 2.2 miles. During this time we went over a high way and under an underpass. 18 wheelers, trucks and cars were speeding by us on the left. Still, I pulled the string in. By this time I had handed the bulk of string (a baseball sized ball) to the backseat for my friend to hold onto. We turned left, across the busy traffic, onto a new road. I expected the string to follow the bus that was continuing on in the other direction, but instead the string remained in front of us at the same level as the horizon. Everyone shifted in their seats and became quiet. I continued, hand over hand, to pull the string in through my window. All the while the string pulled back. After 1.4 miles we turned again. The string remained. We took a hard right and then a hard left. The string followed the road directly in front of us. It’s origins blurred by distance. We took another right onto my friends roads. My friend and I both were pulling as quickly as we could. The string remained taut. It never drooped or gave way. No, it kept straight and pulled back. My mother slowed as we reached the end of the lane. I jumped out of the car, grabbed the string, and continued to gather it in my hands as I ran towards my friends driveway. The string ended there – in the exact center of the gravel drive.

That night my friend and I cut the string in half and each took our handful. My mother says it was by far the weirdest thing that she’s ever witnessed.

I wondered if anyone else has ever experienced something like this, or known anyone who has? I read about something called the Red String of Fate, but that’s the only thing close to this that I know of.


And, yes, he provides a picture of the string:

The Fortean String – The Fortean String


Someone then pointed out in the ensuing discussion the red string associated with the Jewish religion


Now, I had never heard of such a story – but, when you tell a story to the Reddit community – you never know just where things will lead. So, yes, the guy is sending his string off for analysis – as you would too – after this Fortean or perhaps just an urban tale – then came to light via another Reddit user suggested link -


And, I present some highlights of this story” – get ready for your jaw to drop if true:

 back in 1970, in a town in New Jersey called Caldwell, some type of thread was noticed in the air hanging down over someone’s house. No one could see where the thread was coming from. From a newspaper report, 

“It looks rigid, as if it were a wire, not a string. It appears silver when the sunlight strikes it. On Monday it hung about 150 feet above the houses on Forest Avenue and Hillside Avenue. By Tuesday, it seemed limper to Mrs Smith and other observers, as if one of its ends — wherever that is — had loosened. It also seemed lower in the sky. The Caldwell police tried to trace it on Monday, found signs of it up Hillside and down towards West Caldwell, but lost it in the clouds before tracking down the origins. They looked again on Tuesday with the same nebulous results.”

Neighbors from all over came out to see the thread. It stayed there for about a month (!) just hanging in mid air, through storms and windy days. Finally, some kids used a fishing pole and line to snag the end of it, they pulled on it, and they gathered “buckets” of the thread according to one report I read, “1000 feet of it” before it “snapped” according to another report. The end that was still up in the sky was never found. The part that was pulled down was taken to the DuPont company for testing. I read one report that said DuPont couldn’t figure out what it was, and another that said they found it to be “chemically a type 6 Nylon (caprolactam) or possibly a copolymer such as type 6 and type 66, but that it was not of their manufacture.” Also, the lines “had a fine hollow tube running through their length. When Dr. Vargas first examined the specimens this was empty, but after a time in a vacuum jar he found to his amazement that this tube was filled with some other solid substance, and this defied analysis as far as we can make out.”

Apparently this has also happened in other places, the Caldwell NJ incident took place in August of 1970, then it happened in Elberton, Georgia in June 1972, and in Greensburg, Ohio in September of 1978. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? Is it some kind of hoax? I would think that if it were real, there would have been some kind of major investigation on it, every report I’ve been able to find seems fairly blasé about it. 

The latest report I found was from 2003, where someone writing for a publication called “Weird New Jersey” found one of the kids (who was around 40 years old at the time of the interview) who had snagged the thread with the fishing pole back in the 1970′s. He said, “After the thread was hanging there for about a week, attracting all kinds of crowds, me and my buddies decided to pull it down. I got a fishing rod and just kept casting until we snagged it from mid air over the house. When we got a hold of it we just kept pulling and it just kept on coming down out of nowhere. Then it stopped and we found the end. There wasn’t anything holding it from the other end, it was just coming out of nowhere! They took it from us and sent it off to some lab somewhere for testing and that’s the last any of us ever heard about it. Jeez, now I wish I had saved some of it for a souvenir!”.


A slight intrusion from the able to not be? A glitch in the Matrix? Or, something much more mundane? It’s possible that there will be an update on the composition of this string OF MATERIALIZATION – I will keep a look out.



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