The Embers Of Castaneda’s `Don Juan Legacy’ – Tensegrity, Lujan Matus, And Mystery


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  1. Rick says:

    One of the editors of one of the sites that often carries my posts of THS – indicated that this post was hard to follow. Stuff like that is appreciated by bloggers.

    So, in that regard:

    As a synopsis I was trying to show areas that CC’s ideas still had `embers’. One `ember’ was the ongoing Tensegrity movements/transcendence ideas/course that came out of CC’s book Magical Passes (<– the post did simply say a `book’ rather than the title) – all of that of course at the Cleargreen Institute (or whatever they call it).

    The second `ember’ was the mysteriousness of the women of CC. The mysteriousness of their actions when within the group of CC and finally their simultaneous endings – a couple of which are still unexplained.

    And, the third ember, that suddenly DJ comes thru into someone’s DREAMS (Lujan Matus’s) as a manner to continue the knowledge of parallel perception (the separate reality ideas of CC). Hence, jumping (if to be believed) from the `mythical’ ideas of CC, from, or about, DJ – (Teachings only `confirmed’ by this inner sanctum of `witches’ before) – to an outside person (representing everyone in a sense) Lujan Matus – who VIA this dream transfer state – continues the `final’ ember of the DJ legacy (as anyone theoretically could reach this dreamstate).

    Hope this helps my intellectual readers of THS.

  2. MiguelRavenhill says:

    I also note the change in style after the first book, but must say that the real transition of note (namely, a descent into complete incoherence) begins some time after Journey to Ixtlan. Indeed, juxtaposing material from the ‘Tensegrity’ era and the earlier works gives the distinct (and in my estimation, correct) impression that they are the product of completely different authors.

    I suspect further, for whatever that may be worth, that the seminal material, if not the actual experiences related in the earlier works, derive from an intriguing gentleman who died in Cripple Creek, Colorado in Dec 1997. As it happens, he also went by the name Carlos Castaneda (among others). The better-known incarnation (who was very much aware of this Colorado version), was, in my opinion, perhaps a collaborator or stenographer, but very clearly not up to the task on his own.


  3. henk says:

    Rick, interesting article.
    Miguel, I’m very interested to find out more about the gentleman you mention (who passed away in Cripple Creek). Any links available?

  4. sidarther says:

    Hey Rick,

    I too was very impressed by this book. I went to see Lujan Matus, and can attest that he is all he claims to be, and much more. The movements he teaches produce profound shifts, as does his mere presence.

    And if you liked the last book, the one he is coming out with soon will offer techniques that will assist and expand the readers perception beyond imagination.

  5. Rick says:

    Miguel – We’d all love to hear more about this person you mention.

    Henk, — Indeed. Thanks for your comment.

    Sidarther – First, thanks for commenting. (Readers I can not confirm anything about Mr. Matus’s classes or such or that any comments are not self-promoting) – I’m sure my readers would LOVE to hear more about your personal experiences with Mr. Matus.

  6. sidarther says:


    I wrote about my experience, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a link where I detail just a few of the events that transpired the two weeks I was with Lujan in Bali. Others have shared their experiences here as well. His new book is due out very soon, I have previewed it, and in it he shares some techniques I learned from him – so readers can see first hand what he is all about.


  7. Lujan Matus says:

    Here is a link to my blog.

    Please excuse it disappearing. I changed the blog address and it disappeared from Google.

    I am glad you enjoyed the read. My next book will be out on Amazon maybe in about two months. I have included techniques that are very old using fire, light, shadows and plants simultaneously.

    I would like to send you a PDF file of the book before it is published but I can’t see your contact details on this site. You can contact me via email at

    At the moment I am in Central America and now revealing more of the system that was taught to me by my benefactors. It is called Quetzalcoatl. It involves movement and moon-gazing techniques.

    If you would like to see how these moon gazing techniques appear to the perceiver you can go to my website and read Leia’s account:

    There will be more secrets revealed about the double, it’s function in terms of the year 2012 and the hidden secrets of the third eye’s capacity in terms of its compartmentalization to act within multiples within this living construct. I am one of the first to be privileged to obtain this state of awareness and when my students learn the Jaguar Series this is also obtained by them. Thus we progress communally.

  8. Lujan Matus says:

    Hey Rick. I am in Guatemala at the moment. We had some issues with our email account and some of the messages weren’t getting through.

    I offered to send you the eBook version of Awakening the Third Eye. I haven’t received a confirmation email that you received this so I thought I would leave you a message here.

    There is one other book emerging called Medicine Child
    from a man named Roshan, who is a three-pronged nagual, that had similar childhood experiences that culminated into his awakening, as was mine with Juan Matus and the old nagual Lujan. At the moment he is composing it. I knew that there were others that had been influenced and he is definitely an interesting character that will soon figure into the complex equation that is our destiny intertwined.

    I have also found a four-pronged nagual. He is quite exquisite in terms of his knowledge that is yet to unfold. He is also writing a book. He has studied martial arts since the age of 11 and we discovered each other when he was 21.

    There is also a group of private students that I am watching very closely that bear a signature that are emerging into the world as extraordinary seers. I found one nagual woman years ago, Naomi Jean, that has written the foreword to the third eye book. She is extraordinarily potent.

    I found a blue woman. Her energy field is a similar color to mine. She is exquisitely sensitive and heart-driven. A joy to be around.

    There are two other women that I am yet to meet physically but they are standing out in terms of their power. One of these women is at the moment composing a book that I don’t know the title of yet. The mystery unfolds as it should be.

    I am yet really to come to terms with the multidimensionality that has been imparted to me, more than ever now. They bring surprising nuances to all equations that ultimately have an epic effect.

    Warmest regards,
    Lujan Matus

  9. Rick says:

    Lujan, First, thank you for your contact(s) – they are greatly appreciated. And, thank you for your updating me on your recent `finds\’ in the area of human consciousness with the various Naguals too – although the definitions you provide of their levels escapes my immediate quantifying of their possible abilities or differences. That said, I\’m sure you have ascribed meanings that would be graspable. I have a confession. Your first book was truly IMO a Masterpiece that I feel I should absorb AGAIN before I move onward with your collaberation with your second book co-writer — that said, I just read the drop page for it and found it very fascinating. I also assume that your access to possible multidimensionality does indeed fuel the outcomes of your experiences and writings. Being honest, I could get to your second book today or in a few months as I ultimately need to decide to reread the first book or not. I do not `skim\’ heavy books such as yours. I READ THEM. Word for word, idea for idea. Then, I read it again. (as my own phenomenology ideas superimpose onto your writings in a sense). Then one last time. ———– Oh, I wanted to say that the `chapter\’ in your first book that was written by your friend (male pal) was incredible – amazing insights. Also, I want you to know that I have been gathering up my forces to do a full Lujan Matus post either here or on my Barf Stew blog or both probably. I do know that my readers of THS will LOVE your book – it is on the sidebar (actually both are)- I\’ve already sold a number this year. More importantly, a buddy of mine in the Cleveland Ohio area who has heard me talk of you has recently started to flip out on the beginning words you bring to Stalking Parallel Perception – so, I will have him to discuss your ideas of Don Juan\’s Teachings. Also also — By any chance have you seen the blog I started with some other `Thinkers\’ called The C Influence? — I\’d be happy to offer you the option of joining our writing team if you wish. We have a variety of types of people already – most of which are associated with the unusual or paranormal in some manner. Finally, even writing a response has instilled some intentionalities for getting into your second book offering – perhaps it will be tomorrow. best to you, Rick Phillips

  10. Lujan Matus says:

    Thanks for your kind response Rick. In terms of quantifying the attributes of my dear friends, I imagine the only way to get to anything from a quantifiable vantage point syntactically is maybe to engage them directly here.

    Roshan is an extremely interesting character that I have informed about your inquiry. Hopefully he will engage.

    At the moment I am on the road, in Guatemala, and the internet is atrocious. I have attempted to leave a message here since maybe 7am this morning and it is now 2pm :) So I may have to wait until I get back to Costa Rica where we have a more reliable internet connection.

    I quickly glanced over your new blog. Would love to get involved as well. Even though this is a limited medium it has enormous scope and when it is used wisely it is a superb tool for sculpting individual’s consciousness toward advancing within their lives on the pathless path.

  11. roshan says:

    Hello Rick, I wanted to introduce myself and offer my impression of Lujan briefly. Thus far I have enjoyed reading here and hope to be able to contribute more later this year beyond this basic initiation of contact. I am currently completing my book Medicine Child which highlights my accounts with the old nagual Lujan and his companions as well as my experiences preceeding and ensuing after their presence with Lujan. While Lujan is my teacher, we share the same wards.

    These mysterious men wove thru the dream of life I am experiencing in both waking and sleeping states. I have in fact seen two of them while wide awake and not under the influences of any substances. The first was the old nagual and last was the man known as Malaiyan who materialized before me altering the physical construct by moving an object. The other men Lucein, Barak and Zakai I also encountered in dream states which as I mentioned related directly or wove into my waking experience of the world as I approached Lujan. As far as attesting to the testimonials regarding his abilities, most of what I have to say is in my upcoming book which I intend to release this spring, yet I will summarize since the topic arose.

    I have undergone five weeks of tuition with Lujan in person and exchanged with him online for four years as I am constantly amazed and inspired by his words and abilities. He has in fact telekinetically moved me accross a room on three occasions and instructed me as an initiate in his energetic practices where I have undergone shifts similar to the heightened states Castenada has described. i.e. my double has been perceived by others and I have observed accross the planet as well as witnessing the appearance of Lujan’s double.

    Two other warriors accompanied me on my first trip to Bali and are included in my account, my wife Maerin and close friend Mountain. They experienced mutual shifts thru Lujan’s presence and instruction. We observed him shape shift and Maerin saw him lift a pair of windchimes via telekinesis as well as profoundly benefitting health wise from four healing sessions. However, the most relevant talent is not these abilities, it is his reflection of truth to which we required assitance in being spoken. Not in the guru sense, but in the manner of impersonal service and the empowerment of others to which he aspires when directly interacting. I do assure you however that the series of movements and gazing exercises are authentic in the proclaimed alterations they produce to perception.

    I will also mention that while I have the same energetic configuration as Castenada, I came to be in a much different manner. Beings such as our benefactors intervened with me as a child similar to Lujan’s account revealing to me my task and the interrationship of all life which was that common denomonator often called infinity. Peering beyond linear time making subtle adjustments of which they could forsee the outcome of which inevitably became our shared fate. Thank you for your time and interest in our efforts and I do hope to communicate further,


  12. simon says:

    Lujan Matus has really impressed me. Parallel perception is an amazing concept and his book has inspired me.