Ranking The First 100 Heavy Stuff Posts – Part One – Original Ideas

Hello, and welcome to The Heavy Stuff  (THS) – thanks for being inquisitive. Yes, as you can see from the title of this post – THS is about 100 esoteric posts old and just over 3 years on the calendar. And, as you may well know, THS has grown into a huge catalog of ideas that stretch from Time Travel to Doppelgangers to UFO’s to Consciousness Issues to Phenomenology and even more.

And, according to the stats of my host 1 and 1 – THS grew to 259,930 unique visitors in 2009, up from 195,854 in 08 and 72,223 in 07 (and 388 in 06) – and to over 419,000 page views in 09. Thanks so much for your reading support of esoteric ideas. Please continue to tell your friends that you have found a new blog with a whole lot of cool ideas to explore.

Now, with that all aside – let me first say – what you are probably saying – “this guy thinks he has ORIGINAL ideas? Give me a break.” — Ok, there, I said it. Now, let me try to fill a list up with just that, and, you be the judge. (I’m aware of Lennon or McCartney saying something to the effect that no ideas are original but just selected from what is available.)

Original Ideas

One of my more recent `original’ ideas was to blog about `Billion Year Old Entities’ — something that Greg Bishop at UFO Mystic said he had NEVER heard another speculate about before. I blogged about the possibility of such entities due to being tired of reading folks on various websites or forums make statements like `those aliens might be a hundred or a thousand years ahead of us’. Rarely do those folks even talk about beings being a million years more advanced. And that is what triggered my mind into thoughts about what BILLION year old entities might be like – http://theheavystuff.com/?p=118.

Another blog post that I’ve never read anywhere else is `IF The Government Discovered and Proved `Life After Death’ – would it be `disclosed’ to the public. (Well, have you ever read this elsewhere?) In this post I talk and speculate the reasons why such infomation – even if proved – might be withheld. http://theheavystuff.com/?p=104

Perhaps a little less original – but original in the sense of being talked about in ONE post – was my article titled `Aliens/Entities Objectified – Are There Four Types? – where I expanded the whole subject of entities to include what I see as ONLY four types – http://theheavystuff.com/?p=100.

Next – You know when something REALLY special happens – something rare that STICKS out and is instantly known and famous – like the Hudson River Jet Landing? — As far as I know – I was the only person to blog – How Could Hudson River Plane Crash Elation Not Have Been Picked Up By Even One Psychic? —– WELL? http://theheavystuff.com/?p=101

And, as far as I know and have EVER read – am I the only one to blog – Can The Collective Dead Of Humanity – Evolve? — And, this is NOT a small idea – it has lots of ramifications. A great read. http://theheavystuff.com/?p=91

And, how about a `collective dream appearing in space’ — like when I blogged Could An Oct.14th Alien Craft Display Be A Collective Lucid Dream Apprearing In Space? — anyone else? http://theheavystuff.com/?p=71

Or, have you EVER read anyone else blogging about Husserl? As in The Transformation of Ideas Through Temporal Characters – WELL? http://theheavystuff.com/?p=74

Or, have you EVER read someone imply that Might Alien Disclosure Mean Virtually Nothing? – HUH? Ever? http://theheavystuff.com/?p=68

And, who can you point out that has presented this idea? Have Chem-trails Stopped Global Warming? — I make a real good case for this – has anyone else? http://theheavystuff.com/?p=63

And, here is an idea I’ve covered more than once Could `camera’s’ Be Capturing – or Actualizing – a Virtual Reality? – is anyone else? http://theheavystuff.com/?p=60

Here’s another original idea I covered and should be a new lexicon – Does High Strangeness Overlap Strange Highness? – Get your Strange Highness in one place – right here – http://theheavystuff.com/?p=49

Or, have you ever read, anywhere, of someone suggesting Could the Human Population Level `Trip’ Cosmic Consciousness?- literally suggesting that a QUANTITATIVE answer may be behind an increase in consciousness – if it is occuring or to occur? Didn’t think so. http://theheavystuff.com/?p=47

Or, have you read someone that suggests that Doppelgangers are an escape from death itself? Anywhere? Pilot Doppelgangers – Escaping Death – (Doppelgangers are a favorite THS topic.) http://theheavystuff.com/?p=46

You also rarely read about anyone except Nick Redfern talking about Tulpas – but – even Nick doesn’t go this far – does he? Are Tulpas Everything Esoteric- Find out more about the Tulpa concept here – http://theheavystuff.com/?p=44

But, perhaps the one I am most proud of – my idea that the light seen at death is actually the SUN and an OBE/NDE – find that original stuff elsewhere? Going to the Light at Death – Part 3 – NOPE? http://theheavystuff.com/?p=36

Now, here is an idea I blogged about in 2007 and is NOW becoming more mainstream – Could Orbs be Dead Humans?http://theheavystuff.com/?p=31

OR, have you ever – anywhere – heard or read someone talking or blogging about The Missing Space of Missing Time Incidents – Nope, only on THS do you find this kind of esoterica – http://theheavystuff.com/?p=25 (my first post that had over 1,000 hits in a day — 4,700 or so is the current most).

And, I’ll let you find out why these titles seem unique – The Six Horizons of Perception http://theheavystuff.com/?p=20 OR Did Houdini Escape Death?http://theheavystuff.com/?p=18.

Now, hopefully, my mind is not played out – indeed I have 3 posts in reserve just waiting to explode including “Anomalous Realities – The Cosmic Crack” “The Possible Phenomenology Of Fortean Events And Anomalous Realities” and `Local AND Real – or – Realism OR Locality’? I hope you stick around until those become THS later in 2010 too.

I welcome your comments. OH, and PLEASE – go to my front page – unless you do – you don’t even register in my stats. And, on my front page you can see my last 15 posts on THS and the great blogroll for you to check out. Thanks again.

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