The Second Annual Top 10 Anomalous, Dubious, Hoax, Events And Links Of 2009

Hello, welcome back to what is now the second annual listing of The Top 10 Anomalous, Dubious, Hoax, Events and Links of 2009 – a year end tradition started here at The Heavy Stuff  (THS) last December (You can find a link to last years list at the bottom of this post.). And, this year, like last, we have a bevy of links that appeared on the internet that qualified as anomalous in many areas of ParaNormality – but – mixed in – of course, – we had the tricksters, hoaxers, and just plain unquantifiable information – which we have to include in this day and age of CGI videos and more. Indeed, the coverage by the MSM of the hoaxes is becoming part of the total Fortean story. Such is the state of the anomalous internet world of 2009.

And, with that, THS presents 2009′s Best Hoaxes, Anomalous Events And Dubious Links Listing: (In Reverse Order)

#10 – The Mind Reading Machine – On June 28th, the CBS newsshow 60 minutes aired this piece that proved that a machine can read specific thoughts in someones mind. Be ready to be blown away. Only 6,000 or so have seen this video.

#9 – What is using Bio-Sonar in Lake Champlain? Now, here is a real mystery – not only that – the person that discovered this is no slouch; and is a real scientist who has discovered previous animals using sonar too. Great read.

#8 – WebBot prediction for November 27th Obama Alien Disclosure On TV and more. Perhaps the prediction that will put the Exopolitics movement on hold until next years National Press Club meeting. This link also includes links to the WebBot prediction about Andrew Basiago becoming planetary famous soon due to his discovery of life on Mars (If you follow the link you can find out what human life on Mars is like too.).

#7 – A 747 Jetliner UFO Hovers 100 Feet In The Alabama Skies – – Oh yeah. One of the strangest sightings of the year on Jan. 9th in Huntsville Alabama – great read – with super strange picture too.

#6 – OVER The Top UFO Video’s – As you know, for several years now, each year brings a few UFO videos that just seem too good to believe – but who knows – so, in that regard and with those word of caution – here you go: Texas – supposedly in 2008: Pakistan, April 27th, 2009:

#5 – Encounter With A Black-Eyed Child – In the last few years more and more first person accounts of Black-Eyed `humans’ have emerged – here’s an account that will leave your skin crawling.

#4 Beast Of Gum Hill Bigfoot Video – Filmed April 5th, 2009 in USA. One of the better ones as far as I’m concerned of this temporal entity. Here also is another Bigfoot video that emerged in 2009 – supposedly found in an attic type story and supposedly shot in the 1970′s – still, it’s worth a click

#3 – Champ Lake Creature Video – - One of the very best, clear, surface, videos of something anomalous I’ve seen in quite awhile.

#2 – The Animals Of Mars – You think I’m kidding don’t you? Well, take a look at these pictures – supposedly undoctored from NASA and from the surface of Mars  - and tell me what you think these are?

#1 Story Of The Year – ORBS

The change in how ParaNormalists viewed Orbs over the past decade has been evolving – no longer are they dust specks caught on camera or filmed on video. NO, in 2009 – Orbs have become a very hot commodity and are seemingly taking over some of the most interesting things happening in th paraNormal field. Examples of this include the UFO Orbs in the sky – which are again being `called’ (like last year) by certain individuals – such as can be seen in this link – and then here – same guy, different Orb But, calling Orbs in the sky is just one part of the evolving story about Orbs – for example – this year – more and more spirit Orbs are being seen with Entities INSIDE of them – here’s two links – - - and, while these two remind you that it might be humans existing within these Orbs – this link, a series of 5 picture links you must see all of – might suggest that `Aliens’ may be riding in these Orbs – in what may be the Link Of The Year –

This is the link to last years Top 10

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