The Heavy Stuff’s Perceptions Of Dan Mitchell’s Phenomenology

June 7th, 2013

Today I will be quoting much from the blog of Dan Mitchell called Luminosity; specifically, his follow up description of the sequence of an extraordinary series of non ordinary perceptions and experiences that happened to him very recently. If you take a gander at DM’s blog you will find growing encounters with all kinds of non ordinary phenomena too – including, he feels, artificial intelligence objects. Indeed, there is seemingly no end to the strangeness that Dan can describe in a very sincere manner that seems genuine.

But, just this one post holds plenty to digest that I will bring excerpts below for – - make sure to read all of Dan’s experience at some point as he will have many details more than what I provide here in my examination of his reality. And, I really don’t do Dan’s story justice with this overview perhaps before getting specific – but – here goes in very oversimplified terms……………… Dan’s body spent the night at his home where he had a very lucid dream that resulted in him still retaining an item FROM the dream perhaps. Dan’s dream involved a bridge, which he was familiar with in normal reality, with information written on the bridge –  that he wrote down immediately upon awakening from the dream. The dream also involved a very good friend of his who was at a restaurant near the said bridge in our real reality. A good friend who doesn’t remember how he got home and calls Dan to ask if Dan drove him home. Dan also finds, in his pocket, a scribbled name and phone number – ultimately, Dan remembers WHO the name on the piece of paper IS in his dream – a DEAD person trying to reach their mother. Dan then retraces in real life what happened to the individuals in real time, or so he thinks. The story also involves another known person or two for verification of `real reality’. Dan, btw, is of the opinion, that reality may not be `sequential’ in the manner we think of – he may be right indeed. LOL.

Quite an experience, huh? ————– Again, the post is beautifully written and I hope you read it in its entirety and not depend on just the excepts I will bring in my post today. And, as flipped out as Dan’s experience WAS – my take, my explanation is probably JUST as bizarre to most folks. LOL. So be it.

My `simplest’ idea about all of this is how it fits into my phenomenology ideas about KINDS OF SPACES.  And, that Dan in particular is triggering the `Able-To-Not-Be’ reality perception structure – with all intentionality’s firing due to his continued pursuit of the non consensus phenomena. And, if we are to consider Dan’s tales true, which I do (I guess, or I just like his writing style) – then it must be considered that Dan is `literally experiencing’ – his simultaneous co-existence `double’ or doppelganger.

What is unclear is whether Dan is `pulling’ the `doppelganger’ out of other humans – such as his friend; OR, appearing himself as a REAL Doppelganger in the full tradition of the word. (And, if you are not familiar with the story of Eastern Flight 401 – in that story DEAD pilots were able to RETURN to our real reality AS THMESELVES before `popping’ out of existence.) Perhaps we can ferret out some clues.